Buy fishscale cocaine 97% pure (Peru)

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This is top quality Peruvian cocaine, delivered the other day from Peru, past all resellers, dealers and customs officers. So he’s the best thing you can ever get. What makes Peruvian special is its pleasant taste and delightful euphoria, thanks to the way it is made.

Buy fishscale cocaine from The Majestic Garden

1 gr

Stimulation + euphoria !!!

Excellent quality and price !

– The smell is not caustic, is present!

– Taste sensations – Bitter, with LISTENSION and RELATED FEATURES.

– The structure of the stone – STRONG.

– Color – white.

1 review for Buy fishscale cocaine 97% pure (Peru)

  1. Pillbilly98

    Merica fuck yeah!
    Late entry but happy 4th of July!
    cocaine us

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