How the products are packed for delivery?

We put our products into separate plastic bags, which are fastened with ziplock. Then we mark it out and note all the necessary information. When the products are labeled, we seal them tightly in a hermetic bag made of metal or plastic. They are transported in a regular or bubble pack envelope without any reference to the content on the outside.

What does the shipment contain?

It contains the products which you have ordered and a delivery note. The delivery note contains the information about the customer and product, but payment details are not mentioned there.

Why it is so important to label all the products and add details about them to the delivery note?

We label all our products and put the detailed information about them for your own safety. It is important in order to prevent any shipping delays from happening in case of an official inspection.

What other delivery options could you offer?

This is the only delivery option we offer.

My shipment is not delivered, though I have ordered it last week. What should I do?

In case the shipment is not delivered, we kindly ask you to wait 2 days before contacting us. It should be noted that, our company does not respond to any question about the location of your order within 2 days after it has been shipped. We receive a great amount of such inquiries all the time and it is simply impossible to reply each of them without spending much time. We would be happy if you could stay patient, your order will be delivered soon.

Is there any chance that you could send my order again, in case it has been held in the custom office?

Sure. It is not a problem for us to re-ship your order once more without extra payment, if the items are still in stock.

Is it possible to send my order to a P.O. Box address?


Can I ask you to send my shipment to “Poste Restante” ?

Sure. But according to our sad experience of shipping to “Poste Restante”, some shipments can disappear right on the way to delivery without any information. As it is rather risky, we advise not to use it.

Do you have an option of sending some free samples of your products to try them?

We do not have this option.

How to use the products you offer?

All our products should be used only by specialists, as they can contain some dangerous and possibly harmful components. It is important to have decent knowledge and skills of working with such things. We do not recommend you to buy them, if you hardly know how to use them and can misapply.

Can I pay for my order via such payment systems as PayPal / Western Union / Cash App?

We do not accept such kind of payment.

Can I pay you cash on delivery?

No, we do not accept COD as well.

What can I do if I have changed my mind and don’t need the order?

Feel free to send us a message, that you would like to cancel your order. We will do it and you can submit another order.

Is there any chance to get a refund, if I have paid my order?

Sure, in case it has not been shipped. But we will need to subtract no less than $30 in order to cover our fees and costs for sending the money back to you. We can suggest you a store credit, which you can use whenever you would like to.

How can I get refund if I do not want to use the buying now?

As our sales are final, you will not get refund in this case.

What will happen to my personal data which you have?

We will never sell your private data disclosure it to third parties. We keep only the information about your order.

Can I ask you to delete my personal data from your database?

Sure. Feel free to email us asking to do it, and we will delete all the information about you from our website and databases.