Buy Kilocaine Powder 99% Pure 1g


1g 4f-MPH Fluoro-methylphenidate (KILOCAINE)


Q: Can you ship KILOCAINE 1 g to United States

A: Yes, delivery to United States is 3-5 days tops.

This is the fluorinated version of methylphenidate. Works the same as ritalin except a little more euphoric. Study all day and party all night. Much cheaper than buying tablets which are usually $10 for 10mg. 1g is equivalent to 100x10mg ritalin tablets.

Starting dose is 15mg (a point is 100mg) whether oral, nasal or IV

If you get anxiety a few beers or some etizolam will sort that right out.

Sleeping after 4f-mph can be tricky so check out our diclaz listing.

Buy Kilocaine Powder 99% Pure Online. Kilocaine is similar to Cocaine
product price is $60 USD per 1grams

BUY KILOCAINE POWDER 99% PURE ONLINE We ship all products directly from our warehouses via discrete delivery service. For security reasons, you will receive our finest KILOCAINE in medicine/nutrition pack or jar. It depends on weight and packing material availability.


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