Buy White Heroin 98% Pure Online (0.5 gr)


Heroin – produced from the resin of plants of the poppy family. Opium juice, similar to milk, is obtained from poppy seed boxes. Then such opium is purified of primitives and turns into morphine, with further purification in various forms of heroin.


Q: Do you ship heroin to United States?

A: Yes, delivery to United States is 5-7 days max.

Buy white heroin

The main effects:
– Euphoria
– Relax/easy, improve your mood
– Reducing anxiety
– Anti coughing properties
– Lowering the pain threshold
– Improved sleep
The method of use:
– Inhalation (intranasal) – direct inhalation of the substance.
– Smoking
– Preoral – taking the substance in a pure form, in the form of chewing mixtures or solutions.
– Injection. Heroin is usually injected intravenously into surface veins.




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