Buy Golden Teacher Mushrooms (24g)


Q: Do you ship Golden Teacher Mushrooms to United States?

A: Yes, delivery to United States is 4-8 days max.

Buy Golden Teacher Mushrooms

24 gram (1 oz). Top tier stealth package.

Whole mushrooms, great drying.

Use preferably strictly according to the canons and the desired level of exposure.

For a fun walk and keep control with our mushrooms – up to 2g. From 2-2.5g can already go strong visuals.

Depending on the dose of psilocybin used, different levels of exposure can be achieved:

Level 0 0.2-0.5g. Microdosin. Usually chosen so much as not to feel any reception: no nausea, let alone hallucinations. Schedule: 1 day – reception, 2 day – rest, 3 day – rest, 4 day – reception. Usually the course is from one month to six months.

Level 1 0.8-1.5 g. Increase in acuteness of perception of flowers, musical compositions, a pleasant emotional euphoria.

Level 2 1-2.5 g. There is a feeling of movement, vibrations (breathing) of surrounding objects, colors become extremely bright, saturated, come alive. With eyes closed, two-dimensional images of the type of paredolic appear. There is a feeling of some disturbance of the current of time – time slows down, stretches out, a pronounced increase in creative abilities.

Level 3 2.5-4 g. Changes in visual perception increase – surrounding objects look deformed, partly merge with emerging clear hallucinatory images. Hallucinations with eyes closed become three-dimensional, phenomena of synesthesia appear – you see sounds, hear colors and smells. There are distortions in the perception of the current of time until there are episodes of hardening of time, “the moments of eternity. There can be difficulties in moving (because they are subjectively too much effort).

Level 4 3-6g. Intense hallucinations of transformation, “flowing”, objects into each other. The feeling of destruction or fragmentation of the personality, and parts of it can project onto objects, “reviving them”. The notion of the existence of time is lost; this notion itself becomes meaningless. Phenomena of the type of going beyond the body are observed. Synaesthesia can spread to several senses.

Level 5 6g-7g, but no more than 20g. Complete absence of visual contact with surrounding reality. Total synesthesia. Complete loss of the isolated “Self” – there is a sense of fusion with other objects, the surrounding space, the universe. The loss of orientation is so complete that, according to those taking psilocybin in such doses, in fact the world, consisting of habitually perceived objects and events, ceases to exist. Ecstatic experiences like satorias, mergers with the Universe.


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