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We kindly present you theblotter art made by our artist and laid with 105mcg of 99%+ pure Aztec LSD crystal
The original 150mcg dosage is back.

Blotter tabs are 8x8mm large, thick and tasteless. Buy Dr Seuss LSD


0.5 -1 hit –  light-medium trip, enough for beginners or inexperienced users to get a basic feeling on what LSD is. You will experience an enhancement of colours and sounds and a general shift of consciousness.
2 hits – medium-strong trip, suitable for most of the experienced users. Visuals can be strong on this dose and you might have some problems with communicating with others if you are sensitive.
3-4 hits – strong – a very strong trip, if you don’t have a tolerance, better stay in a safe place and prepare to sink deeply into your mind

5 hits + well, if you take such a dose, I suppose that you really know what you are doing ? enjoy the white light.


Product is sealed and professionally shipped (be sure to check through your junk mail thoroughly, because you might accidentally put it in trash)
Uses for LSD

Scientists considered psychedelics to be promising treatments as an aid to therapy for a broad range of psychiatric diagnoses, including alcoholism, schizophrenia, autism spectrum disorders, and depression. Recent results from epidemiological studies have shown lower rates of mental health disorders and suicide among people who have used psychedelics like LSD. LSD is an illegal, semi-synthetic drug that combines natural and man-made substances. It is derived from ergot, a fungus that grows on certain grains, and a non-organic chemical called diethylamide.
<p>LSD is currently in Schedule I of the Controlled Substances Act, the most heavily criminalized category for drugs. Schedule I drugs are considered to have a “high potential for abuse” and no currently accepted medical use – though when it comes to LSD there is significant evidence to the contrary on both counts.


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